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Big Girls, Little Skirts

When it comes to personal taste, Iam not one to complain. Especially when it comes to the clothes that girls want to wear. The more skin the better, I always say.Age a nd weight permitted. I know, that sounds like ageism and... fatism, but in the back of everyones mind they're thinking the same thing. Who wants to see 250 pound women in pair of hot pants, or a ten year old girl with a thong showing underneath her Power-Puff Girls back-pack. I sure as hell don't.

While driving to work on Wednesday, I saw a young girl, no older than eleven, dressed up like a "ho" from a rap video. She was wearing a pair of skin tight leather pants and what looked like a bandana for a top.. She could only have been in the fourth or fifth grade, and she was dressing like a 22 year old going out to a dance club. My question is, what kind of parents would allow this? Either they're trying to be "hip and cool" and allow their children to run free. Which will backfireas soon as the kids turn 15 and develop an attitude. Or the parents are just scumbags who could give two shits about what their kids do. In that case the kids are going to bedrug addicts by 13 and pregnant with their second child by the age of 17. All because of the parents actions and attitudes, no the childrens.

What?!... what was that i said? "The parents actions and attitudes towards their children leads to the childsactions and attitude later in life?" Why, that's exactly what I said. So instead of scolding the child, why not go to the possible sourceof their mal-behavior, the parents,to see if it is something that could have been prevented. Wow, am I getting completely off the subject or what? Any way onto the fat girls.

I realized lately that there is alot of "Big Girl Pride" going around, and that is completely fine by me. If you proud of your body that's great, I just don't want to every fold on your back when you walk by me. You can still be proud and wear a coat or a baggy shirt. Just make the outfit work for you. Alot of women do it for the attention, but do they realize what kind of attention there getting. It's usually not good. Myself, being a typical alpha-male, I have an idea of what goes through a guys mind when one of these large ladies walks by. Most of the time it's not even complete sentences going through their mind, it's more like "hahaha" and "ewwwww". There is another point I have to mention. I hate to do it ladies, but if you have a boyfriend, you can't trust him. He's going out with you for one of two reasons; one, he's a pervert who can only get off if you suffocate him and tickle his asshole. Or two, your a bet hw made with his friends. I know the truth hurts, but I'm sure all of the signs are there in your relationship as to what category you belong in.

I know I've strayed from my original point a litlle, in both examples. I also realized that some people might be offended (especially about the fat stuff). But isn't it an American privelage to moan and bitch about whatever is on your mind. With events nowadays, tragedy induced pariotism, shouldn't you try and express... no fluant our rights as citizensto the rest of the world, or maybe I should just shut up.

Remember, judge me on my actions not my words, so just drop a line on the WiseGuy Message Board. Also I want people to send in stories, poem's and essay's. Send those to my e-mail
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